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Product Manager (I make all the products we offer)/Co-Owner:

I suffer from: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type 3 (EDS3)/Essential Tremor (ET) (which is like Parkinson's Disease)/PTSD.  Using CBD Oil has helped alleviate symptoms associated with all these problems. Due to my EDS3 I was reliant on at least 1 crutch when going out, due to the pain & my joint instability. I am now a lot less reliant on crutches/my wheelchair.  I'm able to walk unaided more.

I'm unable to do a 'normal' job due to my life long health issues, but I've always been into DIY projects, such as making balms/infusions/e-liquids etc...  When I was able to get out on my own, 'fly the nest', I worked more on getting & trying Hemp in various forms.  I'd smoke Hemp/make my own e-liquids with Hemp etc...  It's really helped, my mobility has improved & my chronic pain is much more manageable.

I currently use CBD Oil under the tongue, on the skin when I get wounds & I vape it.  I sometimes also add a little CBD Oil to any E-Liquid (homemade or purchased).

I've also been using my own CBD Oil on my elderly pet cat Buffy. She's a lot more relaxed/chilled. She's NEVER been okay with being groomed & lately she gets a lot of matts.  She's now let me groom her a little more, I've been able to remove some of the matts she currently has.  Given that Buffy is very Siamese/skittish in nature, it's been a nice change to see her more calm & at ease.

Testimonial by: Rev. Reiki Grand Master Lynda Ward

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